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How is the lubrication of the three-roller mechanical symmetrical bending machine?

[Jun 22,2019]

The lower roller of the three-roller mechanical symmetrical bending machine cannot be moved horizontally, so the arc of the end of the workpiece must be pre-bent, and the pre-bending can be completed in the bending machine or the factory-made tooling. After the sheet is pre-bent by both ends, the sheet is started. The upper roll is raised to the sheet material and can be inserted between the three rolls. After inserting the sheet material, attention should be paid to the perpendicularity of the two sides of the sheet to the axis of the roll. A guide can be made on the self-made workbench to ensure the correct position of the sheet. After all the inspections are completed, the upper roller is pressed to start the operation, and the upper roller is jogged to make the sheet material slightly displaced in the vertical direction. The sheet material starts to bend after one stroke, and the lower roller is reversed. Jog the upper roller down again for a small amount of displacement, so that it will continue to sway back and forth until the barrel is closed. Stop, raise the upper roller, press down the end of the upper roller to raise the upper roller slightly, unplug the overturning seat latch, pull down the overturning seat, and the product can be removed from the machine.
What is the lubrication of the three-roller mechanical symmetrical bending machine? The friction parts of the three-roller mechanical symmetrical bending machine must always be well lubricated. The parts that need lubrication for this equipment are as follows:
1. The journal of the upper roller is lubricated, and the oil condition is liquid injected. The oil cup is placed on the top of the fixed end of the upper roller, and the mechanical oil is injected into the oil to flow into the sides before each shift, and the movable end is pulled down and the hinge is seated, and the middle of the half pin hole of the square shaft seat There is an oil hole, so the injection of mechanical oil requires the same as above.
2. The journal of the lower roller is lubricated, the oil condition, the liquid is injected, and there is an oil sump on the top surface of the lower roller seat. This is refueled until the oil flow overflows from both sides of the journal, 3-4 times per shift.
3. Lubrication of the lifting screw, from the upper end of the lower roller seat with the oil gun to the screw, so that the oil flows down the screw, 3-4 times per shift.
4. The lubrication of the worm gear is applied to the grease once a month. When refueling, remove the outer cover of the worm gear, grease with a brush, turn on the worm wheel for one week, and add enough grease to all the tooth surfaces. The drive gears are lubricated the same.
5. Gear oil is added to the reducer and changed every six months.

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