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The advanced process characteristics of the three-roller

[Jun 22,2019]

The coiler is a device that uses a work roll to bend a sheet and is an important processing equipment. When the coiling machine is working, the work rolls are moved by the external force such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force, so that the sheet is bent or rolled. According to the rotation movement and position change of the work rolls of different shapes, elliptical parts, curved parts, cylindrical parts and the like can be processed.
Understand the advanced process features of the three-roller:
1. High performance—full hydraulic drive, automatic welding;
2. The motor power is large—-the main motor has high power, high efficiency, fast delivery, and various types of application;
3. High strength—Material material is elegant, stable structure, safe to use, good machine use effect;
4. Good safety —- sturdy and durable, long service life, beautiful appearance and stable machine performance.
5. Wide applicability—-Applicable to the machinery industry such as boiler, chemical, mining, construction, shipbuilding.
The structure of the three-roller reeling machine produced by the reeling machine manufacturing company is a three-roller asymmetric type, the upper roller is the main transmission, the lower roller vertically moves up and down, and the lower roller gear meshes with the upper roller gear as the main transmission; the side roller It is a lifting and lowering movement with the functions of pre-bending and rolling. Compact structure and easy operation and maintenance.

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