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The main points of the four-roller bending machine

[Jun 22,2019]

The coiling machine is a kind of common forging machine capable of bending a non-metallic sheet into a cone, a spherical body, a cylinder or other shapes. This property is used by a large width of the building, boiler steam, chemical, non-metal. Construction and machine building business.
The CNC four-roll bending machine is a sheet metal bending and correcting machine, which is specially used for the forming and bending work of metal sheets. The pre-bending and curl forming of the cylindrical and curved workpieces of various specifications can be completed after one feeding, and the auxiliary cylinder can be used for the rolling of the conical cylinder. It is also possible to perform rough shaping work on sheet metal. The four-roller can directly pre-bend the end of the sheet without the aid of other equipment molds, and the remaining straight edges are smaller; compared with the asymmetric three-roller, it can be rolled into a workpiece without the sheet turning. This not only improves the efficiency, but also ensures the quality of the workpiece, and the process is simple, the operation is convenient, and the labor intensity of the worker is reduced.
Compared with the three-roller, the four-roller is characterized by the following features:
1. Automatic material feeding. The sheet is automatically aligned with the back sheet immediately.
2. The upper and lower rollers accurately hold the sheet at the tangential position to obtain the shortest straight length (excellent pre-bending function).
3. Plates are fed. The sheets are always held between the upper and lower rolls in the two plays to ensure consistent and ideal positioning.
4. One roll is completed. The entire barrel can be completed by one roll, including pre-bending at both ends of the sheet. It is only necessary to determine the position of the side rollers, which is automatically aligned and does not require sheet metal turning.
5. Auxiliary equipment. The alignment, pre-bending and rolling are all centralized control. It can realize fast and safe pre-bending and no damage to the edge of the sheet; the lower stock contains the feeding device, which can eliminate the wrong side caused by the rolling process. The upper loading material is mainly provided in combination with the rolling large-diameter cylinder, and can replace the overhead lifting equipment with the sheet rolling.

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