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These cold knowledge of the four-roller bending machine, do not look regret!

[Jun 22,2019]

The coiler is a common forging machine that can bend a non-metallic sheet into a cone, sphere, cylinder or other shape. The four-roller bending machine is suitable for the bending forming work of sheet metal. It can roll round, curved and tapered workpieces within a certain range, and has the function of pre-bending at the end of the sheet. The remaining straight edges are small and the work efficiency is high. The metal sheet can be roughly leveled on the machine.
The structure of the four-roller bending machine is four-roller type, the upper roller is the main transmission, and the output gear of the reducer meshes with the upper roller gear to provide torque for the rolled plate; the lower roller performs vertical lifting movement through the hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic oil is applied to the piston to clamp the plate for hydraulic transmission; side rollers are arranged on both sides of the lower roller and tilted along the frame rail, and driven by the screw worm and worm; the advantage of the machine is End pre-bending and reeling can be performed on the same device.
Regarding the superior performance of the four-roll bending machine, the performance is as follows:
1. Full hydraulic drive, high efficiency and energy saving (drive power is equivalent to 60% of the traditional);
2. The clamping pressure is adjustable (there is no slip, the productivity is 50%-80% higher than the three-roll bending machine);
3. The cylinder can be rolled up to 1.1 times the diameter of the upper roller.

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